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Urban master plan of Yamato city

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Un bel exemple de Plan stratégique de développement urbain durable qui vient du Japon:


Urban master plan of Yamato city


The principal purpose of this plan


1. The Concept of the Plan

As well as the transportation system being very with personalities and activities convenient, there are a lot of spaces available to enjoy the water and greenery in Yamato City . This environment which is convenient yet where one could feel the abundance of nature, where one could live forever, and where with everyone, make an active city and would be passed on to the future.


2. The Viewpoint of the Plan

In working the plan from four points received from the people of the city, we have came up with the ideology in making Yamato City as the followings.

A City Where One Could Peacefully Live

We have the responsibility, to not put to waste of the many people who have suffered by giving our best to make a safe city from the experience of the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. It has become apparent from this disaster the importance and need for making a network for information and the need of maintaining city foundation such as land readjustment and to secure open space. We have received many suggestions in making of a city where people could live safely.

A City That Could Coexist


Houses and ferroconcrete high or middle-rised Apartments, Residential and Factories, Development and Nature, The Young and Old, The New Residents and Old Residents, by balancing the conflicts of the different values of the many people, we have received many suggestions that we can make into reality of living together where people could live eternally, and to produce a city of high sustainability. It is important to work towards the kind of city where children and adults, corporations, and nature could all live and work together.


A City Where Follows It's Rules


We have also received many suggestions where if the people of different values are to be living together, and to be making a realistic city, there are certain rules to be made. We need to make rules where we all can follow and it is needed that the city to be made with rules.


A City Where Everyone Works Together


We have received suggestions that the main core should be the people living in those cities, when planning a city. The administration should listen to the voices of the people while proceeding in the process of making a city . On the other hand, the people and entrepreneurs who live and work there are to work hard in the consensus in the making of the city.

Source: Urban master plan of Yamato city

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