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Terminus: FOCSANI... or ADJUD

Publié le par Emmanuel CRIVAT

Terminus: FOCSANI ….or ADJUD

On the 18-th of May 2006 I’ll be in Focsani, and this time Focsani is my TERMINUS.

I shall be in Focsani for over a week, leaving behind my usual activities  and the article I am now writing on London’s “urbanization”; I’m not thinking any more either of my voyage to China, or of the great project planned in Lyon (the Gallic capital, Lugdunum), or of the fabulous water pump at Marly which activates the artesian wells of Louis XIV, and which I want to make spring out again in “five years’time” (a five years’ plan [!] as we used to say before…)

On the 18-th of May I’ll make a halt in Focsani, coming by car from Bucharest…; this time I’ll stay in Focsani because I am convinced that in seven years I’ll also stop in Focsani, since it is not possible to drive to Suceava without stopping in Focsani, and especially because Focsani will become a destination. I shall come to Romania in order to go to Focsani; I shall land directly on the Focsani airport, I shall take a taxi in order to be in time for the Gala of the Ciprian Porumbescu Festival in the Great Hall of the First Union, where Angela Gheorghiu will be waiting for the curtain rise.

It is not yet the 18-th of May, I am still in Paris, and I can see through the window the place where, under the Paris Olympic Sign (which was supposed to convince the world that the 2012 Olympic Games would take place in Paris ), I had a talk with a proficient Romanian journalist. The Olympic Sign is no longer there, 50 hectares are being prepared for urban transformation, almost in the middle of Paris…and I am thinking…what if we urbanize 50 hectares of land in Focsani and Adjud.

I have three more days to finish my luggage…if I could only squeeze in the 50 hectares from Paris !... WHY NOT??


Paris,10 May 2006

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